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The Rise of Caviar Bars

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Many people think caviar is out of reach. It's a delicacy associated with wealth, luxury and intrigue because of its exotic origins in the East. And, while caviar is rare and has a complex, savory flavor profile, it's becoming more accessible to the younger generation.

Caviar used to be readily available, but overfishing caused the sturgeon population to decline. Today, caviar is becoming accessible again, thanks to sustainable sturgeon farms. These farms offer premium caviar at a lower price so more people can experience the delicacy. 

Caviar bars are also becoming more popular. These bars allow you to sample various caviars without paying an exorbitant amount. Some offer food and drink accompaniments to enhance the flavor, but high-quality caviar is often best when eaten alone. No matter how you eat caviar, it's becoming more accessible, so more people can finally enjoy this rare delicacy. 

What Is a Caviar Bar?

A caviar bar allows you to enjoy caviar in a more informal, social setting. It offers a way for you to sample various caviars without the expensive cost and wealthy atmosphere. Like sturgeon farms, caviar bars aim to make this delicacy more accessible to everyone.

Caviar bars are similar to sushi bars — they feature bar stools instead of formal dining chairs, bars instead of fancy tables and tablecloths, and relatable chefs behind the bar with their sleeves rolled up. Customers often consume the caviar in bumps to create an even more casual atmosphere.

What Is a Caviar Bump?

Caviar bumps are an untraditional way to consume caviar. They're fun and exciting and create a relaxed ambiance. To do a caviar bump, you place a small spoonful of caviar in the spot where your pointer finger and thumb meet on your finger and lick the caviar off your hand or your partner's. It's similar to licking salt off your hand before a shot of tequila but is much more sophisticated.

The Rise of Caviar Bars

Caviar has a rich and intriguing history that helps explain the increasing popularity of caviar bars. For more than 250 million years, people have been enjoying the juicy sturgeon meat and their delectable eggs. Here's a brief history of caviar:

  • Ancient Greece: The Greeks have a history with caviar that dates back to the 4th century B.C. They considered sturgeon eggs — caviar — a delicacy, and Aristotle loved its heavenly taste.
  • Russia: Russian fishermen discovered gold roe from Sterlet sturgeons sometime between the 12th and 16th centuries. These eggs were rare, so they became a delicacy in Russia and Europe.
  • 19th century: In the 19th century, caviar was famous across Europe. The United States was one of the biggest caviar producers during this time.
  • Modern day: Overfishing during the 20th century caused the sturgeon population to become low, decreasing caviar production. As a result, caviar became rare in every country, causing its price to increase.

After the decrease in sturgeon populations, people found new ways to increase caviar production, such as sturgeon farms. Sturgeon farms provide consumers with high-quality caviar at reasonable prices. The farm environments replicate sturgeons' natural habitats. They conserve the wild sturgeon population and give consumers access to delicious caviar.

Because of these sustainable farming methods, caviar has become more accessible and affordable. Caviar is a fancy appetizer, but you can savor it casually in a caviar bar.

How to Serve Caviar

No two caviars are the same. Each type of caviar has a unique flavor, and every tasting experience is individual. Everyone serves caviar differently. For instance, you serve fine caviar chilled in a nonmetal bowl atop ice using a glass, bone or mother-of-pearl caviar spoon. You won't want to use anything made of metal, including utensils and serving spoons, because it can oxidize and cause the caviar to taste metallic.

When you sample it at a caviar bar, it may have food or drink accompaniments, such as: 

  • Carbs: You can serve caviar on a carb base like blinis, unsalted crackers, toasted bread or something else crispy like kettle chips or crispbreads. The crunch enhances the texture, and lightly or unsalted bases don't overpower caviar's flavor. Some people enjoy spreading butter on the carb to enhance caviar's taste.
  • Cheese: Some people enjoy how well caviar and cheese complement each other. Brie cheeses, creamy cheeses, Asiago and Gouda pair well with caviar.
  • Fruit: Fresh pears, apples, grapes and other fruits can complement caviar. Even if you don't like them with caviar, you can eat them as a separate appetizer.
  • Garnish: After putting caviar on a carb base, many enjoy garnishing it with sour cream or green onions.
  • Drinks: Traditionally, you serve caviar with wine, vodka or champagne. It's a high-class treat and deserves a high-class spirit to accompany it. 

Caviar Tasting Tips

Eating caviar properly lets you relish its flavors and textures and truly enjoy the experience. Here are some tips to help you when you taste caviar for the first time:

  • Consume caviar in small portions: Most people only eat about two spoonfuls of caviar. It's an expensive delicacy that is more about savoring its flavor than eating plenty of it and becoming full.
  • Take small bites: Start by eating about half a teaspoon of caviar so you can truly taste it.
  • Don't chew: If you chew caviar, it loses its flavor. Instead, you'll want to use your tongue to appreciate its juices.
  • Cleanse your palate: Between tastings, use one of the spirits to cleanse your palate so you can immerse yourself in new flavors and textures with the next taste.
  • Don't use metal utensils: The best utensils for serving and eating caviar are caviar spoons, which are glass, bone or mother of pearl. As mentioned above, metal can oxidize and cause caviar to have a metallic taste. You can also do a caviar bump.

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