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How to Serve Caviar

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Savory and exquisite, Imperia caviar is a dish that you can eat passionately everyday. Adding a touch of luxury to your diet is guaranteed to delight your guests and put a smile on your face. And, with so many ways to serve caviar, your palate will dance when presented with the complex flavors in each mouthful.

It is quite hard to convey the taste of caviar. Each small bite has approximately 15 flavor experiences. No single container of fish eggs is precisely the same. Each spoonful tastes like a gorgeous representation of where and what that reminds us of the ocean. Some say eating caviar tastes like salt and fresh fish. Others say it is nutty, richer than oysters with a unique bouquet. However you describe it, each morsel is a complex burst of flavor.

Originally, caviar only referred to the fish roe of wild sturgeon from the Caspian and Black sea. As early as the 10th century, the delicacy appeared on the tables of the nobles and aristocracy in Greece. Sturgeon was declared a royal fish by the British King Edward II. It even makes a cameo appearance in Don Quixote.

Without exaggeration, Imperia's farm-growing environment is like heaven on earth. Our pristine, eco-friendly environment carefully emulates a wild-growing experience. We work in harmony with nature, fresh-waters, and a curated sustainable fish wildness. This is essential to the exquisite taste and quality of our Kaluga Hybrid Reserve.

Just as “champagne” can only be called champagne if it originates from a specific region of France, the same used to be true of caviar, which had to originate from the Caspian Sea and/or the Black Sea. But in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, many sturgeon are being farm-raised. This has led to new countries bursting onto the caviar scene. China has become one of the world's largest producers of caviar using this method; Our farms are located across Europe and Asia, including countries such as Italy, Israel, & Greece. 

Imperia Caviar is one of a kind. Our obsession with the delicacy has evolved over time; our principals live and breathe caviar! Now, in many countries, fish roe from salmon, lumpfish, or even trout have been mislabeled as caviar. While these substitutes may be fishy-but-tasty, including spin-offs such as the Texas caviar (made from black-eyed peas), they are just “fake news” imitators of the real thing.

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There are almost as many ways to eat caviar as there are variations. Is there a proper way to serve caviar? The short answer is that the best way to serve caviar is situational. Do you want to savor a high end Kaluga Hybrid (River Beluga) caviar in its purest form? Are you hosting a holiday party or a special event with a large number of guests?

Whether it's your first time serving caviar, or you are a black gold connoisseur, we will help you to discover some of the best ways to serve caviar.


No! The quality and type of caviar you are eating plays a huge factor in how best to serve the dish. No caviar is created equal, so make sure you know how to handle each one.

Fine caviar should be served alone, at very cold temperatures (chilled, but not frozen). The caviar should be placed in a non-metal bowl, which can then be placed on top of crushed ice. It is important not to use utensils or serving dishes like the caviar spoon made from silver or other metal because these oxidize. The result? Your delicious, fabulous caviar may have an unpleasant metallic taste. So, when choosing serving pieces, always use glass or bone, or for a truly elevated bite, use mother of pearl.


Even though the finest caviars have a lesser amount of salt, and often a milder taste, the flavor can still be quite intense. There are many garnishes and items that you can serve with caviar to compliment the flavor. A dollop of caviar on buttered or dry toast, crackers, or white bread is a common way to serve caviar as an appetizer. There are many traditional garnishes to enhance the flavor as well. These include crème fraîche, sour cream, chives, lemon wedges, and red onion. Crumbled hard-boiled eggs can also enhance the flavor of caviar.

Another way to add texture to every bite is to top a toast point with crème fraîche and caviar. The toast adds an extra crunch as the fish eggs pop on your tongue.


One way to go is to serve Imperia caviar Russian style. Russia and Europe have a long history of enjoying caviar. The traditional Russian way to serve caviar is by putting it on blini, a tasty thin pancake made of buckwheat. Another way to serve caviar Russian style is to pair it with vodka or in a Russian Pancake. We will revisit pairing caviar with alcohol in a moment.

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For events, before you consider serving style, it's important to make sure you have enough caviar for your guests. You should also know how much caviar to serve per person. The correct serving size is between half to one ounce per guest. Because of the number of people present at your party, you will likely serve caviar as an appetizer. Make certain you have an assortment of suitable spoons for consumption. If you're wondering how to eat caviar, you should know that it is usually frowned upon to eat caviar in large amounts. Small bites ensure more explosive flavors. Providing the appropriate service will encourage portion control.


Caviar is synonymous with celebration. The best way to serve caviar at a party is to pair it with alcohol. Two beverages in particular are timeless pairings - Champagne and vodka.

Vodka with caviar is a Russian tradition. In the food world this pairing is considered standard. A high quality vodka served straight and chilled is perfect. Citrus also compliments the saltiness of caviar, so you may consider adding a lemon wedge to the drink.

Which brings us to champagne. Nothing fits the ocean saltiness of caviar better than a clean, crisp, glass of champagne. It is almost like they were explicitly made for each other. Serve a brut champagne in an elegant flute, having first made sure the champagne was chilled over ice.

These two are classics, but if you want to have a beer, then consider a porter or amber ale. For wines, opt for a dry white. Whatever you do, this is no time for plastic spoons.


Caviar can really go with anything. If you want to experiment with how to eat caviar at home, remember that the saltiness of caviar pairs best with buttery dishes. You can put it on pasta, polenta, or potatoes. If you want to add a luxurious twist to breakfast, serve caviar with an omelet and smoked salmon. 

Our favorite way to serve a delicious appetizer of caviar is with a Mother of Pearl spoon.

It is our privilege to deliver the world’s best caviar at fair pricing. Don’t keep it a secret. Imperia wants to be your family friend in the caviar business.


Last Updated 7/29/22

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