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How to Do a Caviar Bump

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How to Do a Caviar Bump

Caviar is a versatile food. It's a delicious appetizer, a supreme side dish, a stellar palate cleanser and a delectable topping. There are so many ways to enjoy caviar, and enthusiasts love finding new ways to experience it. One of the latest trends in caviar consumption is the caviar bump. 

What Is a Caviar Bump?

A caviar bump is a small amount of sturgeon roe that you eat all at once. The bump is similar to a shot, but instead of using a plate or spoon, you bump caviar off your hand.

Bumping caviar is even more fun with friends. Order a round of caviar for your table at a restaurant or have caviar shipped to your home for bumps while hosting parties

Why Do People Bump Caviar?

Caviar offers numerous benefits any way you consume it. It's a delicious food full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your immune system. People choose to bump caviar as a fun and exciting way to experience the benefits. 

Bumping caviar is a bit out of the ordinary, so it breaks the ice and lightens the mood when spending time with friends. Everyone will get a smile out of this new activity. If your group is comfortable with it, you can even take bumps off each other's hands. 

Bumping caviar is practical, too. Caviar is a food to savor, so doing bumps is a natural fit. Rather than eating an entire plate of caviar with a meal, you can order a small amount to share with company, then do bumps to finish it off little by little. Meanwhile, you'll save dishes by skipping the small plates for everyone partaking. 

How to Do a Caviar Bump

Bumping caviar is easy and playful. After receiving your dish or opening your tin, give small spoons to each participant. Then, pour a spoonful onto your hand just beneath the spot where your thumb and pointer finger meet. Lick the entire portion off of your hand — or your partner's hand — in one swipe of the tongue.  

Here's another idea — have you ever tried licking a pinch of salt off of your hand before a tequila shot? Give the experience a touch more class by replacing the salt with caviar. Take a bump off of your hand and down a shot of your preferred spirit as a fun and fancy way to enjoy caviar with friends.

Try Caviar From Imperia Caviar 

If you want to try bumping caviar at your next party, you can purchase yours online through Imperia Caviar. We farm premier sturgeon roe that you can order to be shipped to your home anywhere in the contiguous United States. We invite you to browse our caviar selection online today!

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