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How to Throw A Caviar Tasting Party

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How to Throw a Caviar Tasting Party

Caviar has long been associated with luxurious lifestyles. If you and your friends are curious about dipping into the sublime world of caviar for yourselves, hosting a caviar tasting party is a unique way to do so. You can partake in different types of caviar and experiment with different caviar food pairings to find your favorite caviar variety and accompaniments. If you're already familiar with caviar, a tasting party is an excellent opportunity to introduce caviar to your friends, family and colleagues. 

Have a Party Theme

Establishing a party theme can make an event something for guests to look forward to. Caviar is commonly associated with lavish living, and you can embrace that idea with your theme. An upscale, elegant and glamorous theme can enhance the caviar experience, and there are many themes that fit the bill. 

Here are some themed tasting party ideas that will perfectly suit the caviar event you want to host:

  • The Roaring 20's: The 1920s is a time associated with high society parties and extravagant gatherings. Think of "The Great Gatsby" for inspiration. A gold and black color scheme coupled with jazz music is the best way to establish the ambiance for this party theme.
  • Black and white: Simple and elegant, black and white is an appropriate theme for a caviar tasting party. With the right decor, you could create a modern, sleek atmosphere.
  • Nautical: Sailing, seaside and beach-themed parties are the perfect fit for an event about tasting one of the ocean's tastiest treats.

Determine How Much and What Type of Caviar to Serve

The key to hosting an authentic caviar tasting party is knowing how much caviar to serve and the right type for the occasion. You can expect guests to each eat a minimum of ½ ounce of caviar at events where other food is present. However, at a caviar tasting party, the intent is to try all different types of caviar, so you may want to serve enough caviar for each guest to have one to three ounces each — or more. 

As the host of a caviar tasting, it's imperative to know the different types of caviar you can serve. When considering which caviar to serve, you must keep three things in mind:

  • The texture: The first thing you notice about caviar, before the flavor, is the sensation of the caviar beads on your tongue. The firmness and shape of the eggs are a critical part of the experience, as is the feeling of crushing the eggs in your mouth. Some caviars deliver a "melt-in-your-mouth" sensation, while others can be crunchy or chewy. You can choose a variety of textures for your tasting party so that you and your guests get the most well-rounded tasting experience. 
  • The flavor: Flavor is the part most people look forward to at a caviar tasting. People discuss caviar flavors similar to how they describe wine and cheese flavors. Seasoned caviar enjoyers often talk of earthy tones, buttery flavors and nutty notes. When you and your guests try caviar at your party, indulge in the flavor and listen to your senses. Think of it as an experience of flavors.
  • The finish: The finish refers to the lingering flavors you can taste even after you've swallowed your caviar. The finish is one of the most rewarding parts of enjoying caviar. 

There are five different types of caviar that every host must be familiar with:

  • Beluga: Overfishing has made this rare type of caviar illegal in the United States, so it is not imported to the U.S. If you host a tasting party in the U.S., you will not be able to serve Beluga caviar. However, if you host a party outside of the U.S., you may be able to give Beluga caviar a try. 
  • Ossetra: Ossetra is enjoyed by millions of caviar connoisseurs and casual enjoyers alike. These bold, rich eggs will coat your palate and provide a pleasing pop. Ossetra caviar has a briny flavor that's reminiscent of the sea. 
  • Kaluga: Kaluga, also known as "River Beluga," is an accessible and delectable type of caviar that pleases everyone. It has a mild and buttery flavor and is the closest in quality to Beluga caviar. Kaluga caviar pairs beautifully with a glass of cold champagne.
  • Sevruga: These smaller eggs offer a distinct texture with more pearls per bite. Sevruga caviar has an intense flavor, making it a must to serve at your tasting party. 
  • American: American caviar may be held in slightly lower regard than others, but its flavors are still enjoyable. However, if you shop for American caviar, keep in mind that American caviar can refer to any roe from an American fish species, which is not an exactly accurate definition of caviar. If you want to serve truly authentic caviar, your best bet is to shop from a reliable distributor. 

Serve the Caviar Properly 

To properly serve fine caviar, place it in a nonmetal bowl. Then, place the bowl on top of crushed ice. You'll also want to use specific utensils when serving caviar. Metal utensils and serving dishes made of silver or metal can oxidize, which impacts the flavor of your caviar. For the best results, choose glass, bone or mother of pearl serving dishes and utensils. 

Choose Your Food Accompaniments

The food is the focus at a caviar tasting, so pairing caviar with the right dish will go a long way in enhancing the occasion. The following food pairings are recommended for any caviar-related get-together:

  • Pasta: Thin, light pasta enables the bold flavors of caviar to resonate in the palate of your diners. Pasta dishes with a light sauce will complement the tastes and textures of the caviar you serve without overpowering them. Even a small amount of the right pasta is enough to create a culinary treat to remember.
  • Potatoes: From potato chips to roast potatoes, caviar pairs beautifully with any potato dish.
  • Salmon: Salmon is the perfect complementary seafood dish that brings out the caviar's full potential without distracting from it. Smoked salmon, in particular, is an excellent pairing option, but other types of salmon — like grilled, steamed or roasted — will also do the trick.
  • Crackers: Crackers are caviar's best friend. Crackers are a tasty alternative to using a spoon and are perfect for scooping out the ideal amount of caviar for a suitable tasting. You can even serve your crackers with cheese for even more flavors. Unsalted crackers are the best choice.
  • Eggs: Serving fish eggs with chicken eggs works well. Whether scrambled, hard-boiled or as an omelet, eggs and caviar work well together and bring out the sweet and savory notes.

Treat Your Guests to Imperia Caviar Delights

Imperia Caviar offers a range of delicious caviar options for lovers of the salty treat and those looking to partake in it for the first time. You can use a caviar tasting set from Imperia Caviar to host your caviar tasting party. Share this sought-after delight with co-workers, friends and family at your gathering. Browse our online store to get your caviar delivered straight to your door. 

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