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Caviar Serving Sizes: How Much Caviar You Need Per Person

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There’s both art and science that go into planning a caviar tasting, whether it’s just a few close friends or a larger event with dozens of people.

You’ve got to conjure up an elegant aesthetic, create a balanced menu, piece together a drink list, and make sure there’s a pleasant and festive flow to the evening. This is really your time to shine as a socialite!

That stuff all sounds like fun, but figuring out the right amount of caviar to buy is a bit more tricky. If you’ve never thrown an event with caviar before, you may be totally at a loss, and caviar is not something you want to miss the mark in terms of procurement.

We’re here to make this aspect of party planning way less stressful and map out the precise amount of caviar you need for every person in attendance.

Traditional Caviar Serving Sizes

With your caviar event just around the corner, you want to buy the right amount — not too much, and definitely not too little.

Here are some figures to keep in mind before you buy:

An Accurate Estimate

How much caviar you serve to each guest will depend on the type of event you’re hosting and how generous you’re feeling when it comes to your caviar budget.

If your goal is to hold a traditional caviar service with an abundance of caviar and garnishes for all, aim to serve around one to three ounces per guest.

The minimum you can expect your guests to eat is about ½ ounce of caviar per person, if you have plenty of other snacks and garnishes to nibble on throughout the evening.

There will also be guests who have no interest in caviar at all (vegetarian, pregnant, etc.). You must account for these people with alternatives like seaweed caviar or other snacks.

Number of Guests and How Much to Buy

With your guest list in order and your menu sorted out, you can determine exactly how much caviar to purchase for your event.

We think it’s better to be safe than sorry, meaning you should order a bit more per guest than you may expect. Let’s settle on 1 ounce of caviar per person, just to keep things simple.

From there, the calculation is straightforward enough. For a group of four people, a four-ounce jar of caviar is the perfect amount, and thankfully, this is a common entry-level portion for caviar distributors online.

If you’re dealing with groups of more than ten people, you may need to mix and match different jars and tins to get the ideal amount. This is because most caviar is sold in sizes like 50g, 100g, 250g, and so on.

Do your calculation ahead of time so that you hit the right number and ensure everyone is satisfied.

How Many Types of Caviar To Serve

If you want some more variety and excitement for your caviar experience, consider procuring more than one type and testing the various flavors side by side.

This is a fun way to mix up your event. Just make sure there is enough total caviar available so that everyone has a taste of each type.

How To Ensure Serving Sizes

When the day or night of the event arrives, you should have your game plan in mind. However, it may be difficult to make sure that everyone has the right amount of caviar so that there’s plenty to go around.

Here are some tips to make sure everyone has the proper serving size at your event:

Explain Caviar Etiquette

It’s not awkward: you’re doing your guests a favor by explaining the etiquette of caviar that many might not be familiar with.

This can mean demonstrating the correct technique for scooping caviar and mentioning the ideal amount for each bite. You can explicitly tell them the upper limit of the portion size, or you can count on them to take the hint from your explanation.

Offering the proper utensils can also help your cause, especially in a group tasting setting.

Little plastic spoons are totally acceptable for larger groups if you don’t have mother-of-pearl spoons for everyone. Just avoid using any metallic utensils that may throw off the flavor of the caviar.

Set Up Appetizers and Bites

If you really want to regulate the amount of caviar that goes to each guest, you can cook up some appetizers that feature a small scoop of caviar on each bite.

These can be the traditional blini/crème fraîche combo, creations with roasted potatoes or toast points, or hearty bites like deviled eggs featuring caviar on top.

This way, you can satisfy appetites and keep the caviar flowing at a manageable pace.

Best Way To Buy Caviar

Ready to buy the right amount of caviar for your event?

Keep the following tips in mind:

Source from a Single Vendor

We don’t recommend running around to three different vendors for your caviar procurement process when it comes to a sensitive ingredient like caviar; the fewer variables, the better.

Find one trusted vendor, whether online or in-store, and place an order for the exact amount you need for the event. This way, you can source everything at one place, at one time, and minimize hassle.

Plus, this is also the best way to land a better price.

Remember to read all the reviews and testimonials when shopping online because many new caviar vendors may not deserve your trust or money.

It’s never a bad idea to run a test by making a phone call or emailing with a question about the caviar before you make your final purchase.

Plan Shipment and Storage Properly

Caviar is best when it’s fresh, so try to have your caviar secured and stored within a few days before the event takes place.

The key here is to review shipping policies and make sure you time the shipment to perfection.

Store it properly and enjoy the peace of mind that your caviar — the main event — is ready to be served when the guests arrive.

A Satisfying Caviar Experience for Everyone

Caviar should be enjoyed with friends, family, and other acquaintances you appreciate.

With this guide, you’ll have the perfect amount of caviar ready for everyone in attendance and maybe a little bit left over for personal enjoyment the next day.


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