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How to Celebrate National Caviar Day on July 18th

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How to Celebrate National Caviar Day on July 18th

July 18th is National Caviar Day, and there’s no better occasion to enjoy this fantastic seafood delicacy for yourself. Maybe you’ve been wondering about caviar for some time but were never able to indulge your curiosity. Maybe you’re a long-time caviar lover and will leap at any excuse to break out the mother-of-pearl spoons!

No matter where you’re coming from, National Caviar Day is reason enough to celebrate the delicate and delicious pearls of the sea. This guide will tell you how to make the most of this holiday, whether you’re dining out, planning a party at home, or just whipping up some creative caviar-inspired cuisine that looks good enough for Instagram.

National Caviar Day only comes once a year, so live it up and enjoy the experience from start to finish!

Dining Out

If you’ve only just heard of National Caviar Day and can’t orchestrate a tasting or gathering for friends or family, it’s best to book a reservation at a nice spot in town and get the full-service caviar experience.

Here are some things to consider when dining out on this special day.

1. Browse the Menu Carefully

Depending on the restaurant you visit, you’ll see a range of different caviar setups on the menu. Some will be more traditional while others will push the boundaries of culinary experimentation.

Suppose this is your very first foray into the world of caviar. In that case, we recommend you keep things classic on National Caviar Day rather than trying something totally out of the ordinary. It’s a good sign if the menu features caviar service with the full set of goodies and accouterments we’ve come to expect in the caviar community.

For two people, it’s best to order a 30g portion of caviar so that you can both experience several heaping scoops of the good stuff, along with all the extras that come with it. Chopped egg whites, yolks, blinis, toast points, crème fraîche and maybe some capers — these are the trappings of a classic caviar service, so do your research and make an informed choice!

Also, be sure to know exactly where your caviar is coming from and that the price is right. Build up that mental database and savor each bite to create lasting memories in all five senses.

2. Experiment With Beverage Pairings

Your caviar service deserves more than just a glass of water or iced tea. Pop a bottle of bubbly or order some nice dry white wine so each pearly bite is punctuated with a sip of something cool and delicious.

Chablis or Chardonnay are two whites worth a look, and any Champagne should be very dry so as to not overpower the caviar with sweetness. A light pale beer might also be a reasonable pairing for caviar, and ice-cold vodka is a certified classic straight out of the Czar playbook.

Ask your server for recommendations to make the right call instead of rolling the dice.

Celebrating at Home

Did you miss out on National Caviar Day last year and want to make up for it this time around?

Plan ahead and hold an at-home celebration that gets everyone involved. Here are some things to remember when organizing an exciting caviar night for friends and family.

1. Gather Supplies

Plastic plates and paper napkins may get the job done for a July 4th barbeque, but National Caviar Day is a much more elegant affair! At the very least, you’ll want a sterling silver caviar setup that will house your prized tins on ice and perhaps have some extra real estate for vodka vials and sides.

You should also purchase a few mother-of-pearl spoons for the occasion, since standard silverware is not meant to come into contact with highly sensitive caviar.

Trust us — it’s worth spending a little extra on a quality caviar set that will last through generations. It makes everything easier, more special and fun for everyone.

2. Prepare the Food

We mentioned a few of the most crucial caviar accompaniments above, so make sure you put in a couple of hours of prep time with the proper ingredients on the cutting board.

Blinis can be baked from scratch or found frozen in stores. Toast points can be made on the fly. Some folks even like to scoop caviar on potato chips — to each their own! The point is that variety is key, so it never hurts to prepare more sides than fewer.

3. Add Some Drinks

What’s the point of a caviar party if you don’t have plenty of libations to go around? You want everyone in the house to be well-doused — within reason — whether that means Champagne, Chardonnay, light beers or spiked seltzers.

We suggest that everyone tastes a bit of ice-cold vodka in between sips of caviar to cleanse the palate and get the full royal caviar experience. Taxi service required!

Add some drinks to your caviar celebration

4. Elevate the Presentation

This is caviar we’re talking about, so it necessitates a bit of showmanship if you’re hosting a group of people in your home.

Present each caviar properly, ensuring it’s displayed on ice at the perfect temperature and with the right garnishes. Have a bit of inside info prepared to discuss and make a ceremonial display to raise the stakes and excitement.

Encourage everyone to chime in with their thoughts and opinions about each caviar and compare notes side by side. We all have different perceptions of taste and can offer unique insights to the group.

Prepare for some memorable moments and plenty of laughs all around!

5. Try Out Some Recipes

If you’re really embracing the role of the host on National Caviar Day, why not show off some culinary chops and create a few caviar-based dishes that everyone will appreciate?

Purchase a larger tin of affordable caviar to use in fun, tasty appetizers like roasted potato halves or deviled eggs topped with glistening pearls. You could also whip up a light, cheesy pasta dish with a scoop of caviar on top of each serving. Maybe sear a few rare steaks and top them with caviar for something truly indulgent! Caviar pizza is also a crowd favorite — take some risks and enjoy every bite.

 Here are some other caviar recipes you might consider adding to the menu:

  • Four-layer caviar dip: Savory layers of crisp onions, creamy egg salad, herbed cream cheese and delectable caviar come together to create an irresistible topper for crackers, toast points and veggie slices. Try out this four-layer caviar dip for a dish that will have your guests coming back for more.
  • Caviar waffle bites: Who knew caviar could make a magnificently minimalist treat? These caviar waffle bites combine strips of waffle, crème fraîche, caviar and fresh chives for some adorably streamlined pop-in-your-mouth morsels.
  • Caviar sandwiches: Enjoy fresh herbs, caviar, crème fraîche and eggs between two warm, buttery slices of toasted white bread. These delicious caviar sandwiches are sure to be a hit at your upcoming party!

Top Caviars to Try

There aren’t any strict rules to National Caviar Day — we’re all figuring them out as we go along. However, caviar is always more enjoyable when you have company and the ability to pool resources. That means more unique types of caviar for everyone to try!

Before you hit the shops or online marketplaces, know which types of caviar are best for your celebration. Caviar is sturgeon roe and nothing less! Don’t be fooled by labels and make sure you’re getting the real deal.

With that said, you might not be able to get your hands on authentic Beluga caviar, which is considered the most exquisite variety on the planet. 

However, you can likely find affordable Royal Ossetra caviar for your event, which delivers on all fronts in terms of flavor, texture, versatility and cost-effectiveness. You might also want to try some Kaluga caviar to do a side-by-side comparison and see how these varieties differ.

Furthermore, find a tasty American caviar product like Hackleback or White Sturgeon to round out your offerings. Three different types of caviar are a perfect amount of variety.

Buy From the Best

With all of our tips and recommendations, you might have the perfect evening planned for National Caviar Day, but what’s the best way to stock up on tins and jars for the big day?

While you can shop around at local gourmet markets for quality caviar, we suggest buying from a reputable online vendor that will ensure you get a great product, on time and at optimal freshness.

Keep the following factors in mind when sourcing your caviar for the occasion.

1. Sustainable Production

Sturgeon fish — such as the four species Persian, Ship, Stellate and Russian sturgeon — are endangered throughout the modern world, which is why we think sustainable aquaculture practices are so important when buying your next round of caviar.

Do some research to find vendors that practice sustainable sturgeon farming and preserve the breeds that matter most for authentic caviar products. It’s good for the industry, the environment and the overall caviar economy making its 21st-century comeback.

2. Affordable Price

When you shop online for premium caviar, you get top-tier products at better prices compared to brick-and-mortar retail. That’s just the facts!

Buy in bulk to get even better prices and don’t hesitate to shop around to compare.

3. Superior Service

Service is everything in caviar culture and that includes online vendors. Look for fast shipping, comprehensive customer service and plenty of genuine reviews you can trust.

Celebrate National Caviar Day With Imperia Caviar

Celebrate National Caviar Day with Imperia Caviar

National Caviar Day is coming — are you prepared? Whether you’re dining out, hosting a party or just enjoying a tin of your own, make the most of this special day and do it right! 

At Imperia Caviar, we’ll help you celebrate National Caviar Day in the best way possible. With our affordable selection of high-quality caviar, you’re sure to wow your guests with outstanding flavor. Browse our premium caviar collection and purchase yours before July 18th!



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