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Best 12 Caviar Appetizer Recipes

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Using caviar in the kitchen might sound like a quick fix to make any item more luxurious, but skilled chefs know that there is much more to the equation.

Caviar is not only a delicate and expensive ingredient, but it also features powerful flavors and unique textures that must be preserved and  showcased to the fullest effect. The last thing you want is for your costly caviar to be masked by other ingredients, lost in the mix.

That’s why appetizers are such a great format to put caviar in the spotlight and why we’re highlighting a dozen recipes that you can easily add to your rotation with a bit of skill.

Caviar is meant to be celebrated and savored, and appetizers offer a great opportunity to make simple, small bites that show off some creativity and technical ability in the process.

Let’s get right into these fantastic caviar recipes so that your appetizer repertoire gets the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

1. Classic Blinis and Toast Points

Imagine the ideal canvas for a mound of your favorite caviar. Some are satisfied with nothing but a Mother-of-Pearl spoon and a glass of chilled white wine. But when we’re talking about appetizers, it helps to construct individual bites that can be easily scooped up and enjoyed.

This is where blinis and toast points come into play, serving as the ultimate starchy foundation for a simple caviar appetizer, with a minimal amount of prep time required.

We start with this recipe because it’s quick, uncomplicated, and easy to pull off. Blinis are readily available in the freezer section of most upscale stores, and a simple loaf of country white bread can be turned to toast in a flash.

From there, it’s all about  assembling each bite to your liking, whether it includes a scoop of crème fraiche, a small sprig of dill, or a squirt of fresh lemon on top.

2. Caviar Cucumber Boats

If you’re got a tin of fine caviar, you want to experience those flavors and textures without a ton of extra garnishes and distractions. That’s why many of the best caviar appetizers are rather mild in their structure and flavor profiles and why cucumber makes a great base.

Not only is cucumber a wonderful option for the gluten-free and low-carb crowd, but it is also highly versatile. It can be formed and shaped to your liking on the cutting board.

Traditionally, making cucumber boats requires that you carve out the interior of each cucumber and fill it with whatever mixture you see fit for the occasion. In this case, however, we advise hollowing out the cucumbers and then cutting them up horizontally to create bite-sized pieces that feature a creamy filling and a dollop of caviar.

3. Perfect Puff Pastry Bites

Even if you’re trying to keep the carbs at bay, it’s hard to say no to a freshly baked puff pastry bite, especially when it’s topped with a perfectly shaped scoop of caviar.

If you want to flex your baking skills, feel free to whip up some pastry batter from scratch. The key is to use plenty of butter so that you get that signature flaky effect when it rises.

Alternatively, you can use store-bought puff pastry and craft these pieces into any size and shape you like. Since the goal here is to form a small fortress for your favorite caviar, make sure there is a spot to place the caviar along with some other tasty garnished for a complete and appetizing bite.

Pro tip: keep those puff pastries warm in the oven (200 degrees) and scoop caviar into the warm pastry right before serving for an amazing temperature contrast effect.

4. Simple Caviar Dill Spread

Dips and spreads are typically reserved for recipes with layers of cheese and various canned goods, but we’re about to tell you how to make a classy caviar spread that honors the main ingredient properly.

This particular dip is light, fresh, and uses nothing but natural ingredients. It will do your caviar justice without masking any of those genuine flavors.

Start with high-quality cream cheese and sour cream, and start mixing them in a bowl with freshly squeezed lemon and minced dill. Add scallion, cream, salt, and pepper as the mixture reaches its final form.

The hard part is incorporating the caviar because you don’t want the eggs to burst or lose their shape. Fold the pearls gently in with a spatula and take your time to make sure every morsel is fully coated. It helps to use slightly colder caviar that will be more resilient to pressure.

The result is the most luxurious dip you’ve ever tasted, perfect for toast, crackers, chips, or blini made from buckwheat.

5. Roasted Potatoes w/ Caviar

Potatoes offer satisfying, starchy, and chewy textures that form the perfect foundation for a caviar appetizer. There are countless potato types to choose from, waxy or starchy, and also plenty of color options to brighten up your appetizer tray.

Be aware that potatoes roast rather quickly when they’re in thin coin shapes, and a bit of olive oil goes a long way to make them extra crispy.

When the potatoes are ready, simply apply your crème fraiche and a perfect portion of caviar to each bite. This is an instant crowd-pleaser that barely requires any prep time—everyone wins.

6. Gourmet Caviar Pizza Slices

Pizza and caviar might seem like they exist on opposite ends of the culinary spectrum. One dish can be found for two bucks a slice at the mall, while the other is served on sterling silver trays at five-star hotel restaurants.

But we’ve already debunked plenty of myths so far, so why stop here? Caviar pizza is absolutely a viable and delicious appetizer that will make the crowd go wild when it hits the table.

A few caveats, of course. We’re not talking about a cheese-drenched pizza from a chain restaurant with caviar sprinkled on top like black olives from a can.

If you want to serve caviar pizza, you better do it right, and that means making a rustic-style thin-crust pizza from scratch in the oven.

Minimal sauce and cheese are necessary to allow the  caviar to shine bright, and small, manageable bite-sized pieces should be pre-cut to keep things simple for the audience.

7. Caviar Deviled Eggs

The learning curve on deviled eggs is a bit steep, but the final product is totally worth the effort. It all starts by hard boiling eggs, scooping out the yolks, and using them to create a zesty, whipped filling that then goes back into the egg whites one by one.

Various recipes have been penned for centuries, but you can depend on everyday ingredients like white vinegar, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and paprika to make the mix.

While most deviled eggs are served once the yolk mixture has been added to the whites, this recipe calls for a generous spoonful of caviar as a finishing touch.

Just be sure to smooth out the mixture to create a flat surface on which the caviar can rest.

8. Smoked Salmon Canapés

If you’re browsing the web or flipping through old cookbooks for caviar appetizers, you’ll likely see the French word canapé mentioned everywhere.

That’s because canapés are a catch-all term that refers to bite-sized creation that tends to follow a familiar format. It begins with a base of bread, pastry, or another starchy snack, followed by a flavorful spread, then a topping and garnish to finish it off.

Aside from this recommended outline, the beauty of the canapé is that you make the rules, which means that caviar can be used however you like.

In this recipe, we suggest using a classic dark rye crispbread cracker as your base, applying a thin layer of whipped cream cheese then folding a small piece of smoked salmon on top.

Finally, you can add caviar on top of it all to round out this masterful canapé and present a dish that brings the best of brunch to your dinner party or gathering.

9. Caviar Potato Pancakes

Everyone wants to know how to make potato pancakes, but there never seems to be a good excuse to learn how. If you’re in search of caviar appetizer ideas, let this be your opportunity to learn how—and be ready to do some skillet frying at home!

The work starts with grating potatoes and onions into a large mixing bowl, then adding eggs, seasonings, and flour to create a thick mixture.

That mixture is then used to form small pancakes that are then added to hot oil in a heavy skillet. These should be smaller pancakes, so you can cook many at once, as long as you keep an eye on the cooking time.

You should have plenty of mixture to learn the ropes and make some mistakes along the way, and it won’t be long before you have a lovely stack of hot and ready potato pancakes that you can dress up however you like, caviar included.

10. Mini Poke Bowls

We’re not saying you have to catch fresh fish off the coast of Hawaii to make an authentic poke bowl, but the fresher, the better when it comes to seafood.

These bowls are traditionally treated like a hearty meal, but in this case, it’s all about miniaturizing each serving size so they can be enjoyed in just a few bites.

You only need a small scoop of rice, some fresh fish (we like ahi tuna), some finely chopped veggies, and maybe a dash of sweet or spicy sauce to make it all shine.

If your goal is to use caviar in these mini poke bowls, we recommend going lighter on the seasonings and not drenching the ingredients in the sauce. You want that  caviar to maintain its taste, texture, and integrity, so less is more when making these apps.

11. Truffle Custard with Caviar

Don’t worry; there’s no need for a Michelin star to make a beautiful truffle custard topped with caviar for your next dining event.

In fact, putting together this elegant app is easier than it looks, and you have an excuse to pick up a set of dedicated custard cups that you’ve been eyeing online.

At the heart of every custard recipe is a blend of beaten eggs and cream that has been heated highly in a pan. Truffle oil should be used sparingly, only enough to imbue a slight flavor.

The mixture should then be poured into buttered custard cups then placed into an oven at 325 for 15 to 20 minutes. Once removed from the oven, the cups should be left to rest and cool down before caviar is added and the crowd roars with applause.

12. Oysters and Pearls

This recipe doesn’t require much in terms of creativity, but it’s all about technical skills and proper execution. If you’ve ever attempted to shuck oysters before, you know that it’s tougher than it looks, and you can pick up some nasty cuts along the way.

That’s why you should be sure to practice preparing oysters before the big event so that you can quickly shuck and serve them up with a spoonful of caviar in each one.

Oysters don’t need much in terms of garnish, especially if you’ve got caviar in the mix. However, a bit of lemon juice or finely-chopped herbs can brighten things up if needed.

This recipe does come with a caveat: not everyone is into oysters, even if they have a taste for caviar. We suggest  having some backup plans in case you have a guest who wants to pass on the oysters.

A Recipe For Success

This list of appetizers can take you far with just a few tins of quality caviar! From simple to complex, there’s something on this list for everyone to enjoy, no matter the season or setting.


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