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How to Enjoy Caviar on a Budget

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Fish with pesto, tomatoes of fresh caviar on top

Caviar has a long history and a modern reputation as a luxury. While many considered caviar a rare, expensive delicacy over the last century, this was not always the case. Moreover, caviar is more accessible today. You can experience the vast culinary and health benefits of real caviar at home while still living within your means.

Economical Ways to Enjoy Caviar

The cost of caviar varies, but you can enjoy caviar on a budget in a few different ways. 

Find the Right Supplier 

The caviar supplier controls the quality you receive and the price you pay. Choose a caviar supplier carrying the right balance of quality and affordability. Imperia Caviar is a supplier offering premium caviar at an affordable price. We keep costs low by shipping directly from the farm to the consumer. 

Practice Proper Caviar Storage

Caviar is the most affordable when you can spread the cost over a longer period. Fortunately, the shelf life is fairly long when you store caviar the right way. Remember these storage tips: 

  • Consume fresh, unopened caviar within four weeks.
  • Refrigerate your caviar until opening the container. 
  • Set the storage area to the ideal temperature range — 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • When serving caviar, keep it in its original container and place it in a bowl of ice. 
  • Consume opened caviar within 48 hours. 

Starting Out With Caviar 

Consumers are realizing that caviar is accessible for most budgets. You can enter the world of caviar with the help of a reputable supplier like Imperia Caviar. Consider these two crucial aspects of caviar as you begin your first foray:

  • Types: There are five primary caviar types that come from different fish — Beluga, Ossetra, Kaluga, Sevruga and American. Beluga is the most prestigious caviar, but it ships from outside the United States. Other types ship from farms in and around the U.S. 
  • Price: Caviar's price rises with the cost of raising sturgeon, harvesting the roe and shipping the product. The roe's color and flavor also impact price, but quality and cost aren't always linked. You can purchase premier caviar at an affordable price when the supplier reduces expenses by cutting out the third party and shipping directly to you. 

Order High-Grade Caviar From Imperia Caviar

At Imperia Caviar, we expand caviar's accessibility to consumers around the United States. We invite you to browse or caviar selection, then place an order online. For the best value, join The Caviar Club to receive periodic shipments of real caviar for under $1 per gram. 


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