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What is Caviar Cream?

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As a food, caviar has many health benefits. Nutrients like B12 vitamins and amino acids like Omega-3 boost the immune system, promote healthy bones and strengthen the nervous system. However, caviar has uses outside the culinary world, too. Brands have begun to include caviar extract in skin creams called caviar cream. 

What is Caviar Cream?

Caviar cream is a skin care product featuring ingredients extracted from sturgeon roe eggs. Caviar extract is an emollient, meaning it can soften or soothe the skin. Products that feature caviar extract moisturize and hydrate the skin to reduce lines and inflammation. Caviar cream also has antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium that slow skin damage. This product is most common as a facial moisturizer or serum. 

Benefits of Caviar Cream

On its own, caviar can be excellent for the skin. The results can be even better when mixed with a product made for your skin.  

Caviar face cream offers many benefits thanks to its antioxidant properties. Try caviar skin cream to:

  • Improve your skin's texture
  • Retain moisture
  • Protect against ultraviolet rays
  • Preserve elastin
  • Promote collagen production

How to Use Caviar Cream 

Caviar cream is like any other skin product that you would apply to your face. It often comes in a bottle or tin. After washing your face, dab some caviar cream onto your hands and then massage it into your face. Be careful to keep the lotion out of your eyes. 

It's best to use caviar cream as a part of your nighttime skin care routine. Many caviar cream products are heavy, and they are most effective when you apply them generously. The rich cream may leave residue behind, which you may want to avoid before leaving home for the day. Use caviar cream at night, then rinse it off when you wash your face in the morning. 

About Imperia Caviar

Caviar offers a plethora of unique benefits, and it becomes more accessible all the time. At Imperia Caviar, we're committed to helping consumers discover the benefits of caviar. We farm smooth, buttery sturgeon roe with zero preservatives. You can purchase our premier caviar online. We ship everywhere in the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We encourage you to browse our caviar selection and order online today! 

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