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The Best Cuts of Wagyu Beef

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Japanese Wagyu — any steak lover knows this name. A5 Wagyu beef is widely regarded as the most flavorful steak in the world, characterized by its beautiful marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Any cut of Wagyu is sure to be the centerpiece of an unforgettable meal. Even so, there are specific cuts — namely, ribeye and striploin — that deliver the best flavors and offer the fullest culinary experience.

The Good: Skirt and Top Sirloin

While there is no “bad” cut of Wagyu, some are more sought-after than others. Skirt steaks and top sirloin typically rank lower than other cuts, but are highly versatile and excellent in stir fries, tacos and more.

These cuts can give some Wagyu connoisseurs pause, as they do not exhibit some of the telltale Wagyu characteristics, most notably the fat marbling. When cooked, this marbling allows the fat to seep into every part of the steak and enhance its flavor. For a well-rounded taste, you might consider a different cut on this list.

The Great: Tenderloin

When it comes to great cuts, this steak's name says it all. Tenderloin cuts are known for their tender texture and balanced taste. You'll see more characteristic marbling on this cut than the skirt and top sirloin, making it easier to cook. To get the most out of your tenderloin, grill or sauté the cut over very high heat, building a delectable crust and a medium interior.

The Best: Ribeye and Striploin

For the richest, most tender bite, the best cut of Wagyu is a ribeye or striploin.

Ribeye steaks often offer the most marbling of any cut, providing the best fat distribution when cooked. Because the rib area of the cow bears little weight and moves even less, this cut stays tender and protected until it's ready for consumption.

The striploin, often known as a strip steak, is one of the most popular cuts from any cow. It has a better fat-to-muscle balance than the ribeye, but still features dense marbling throughout, making it perfect for fast, high-heat grilling.

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