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Serve Caviar at Your Wedding for Ultimate Class

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Your wedding is the perfect time to have the dining experience of your dreams, complete with the richest flavors and uncommon extravagances. As you plan your wedding menu, make sure caviar is on your list. Its deep, complex flavors will impress every guest, and its beautiful, well-balanced colors make social media-worthy pictures every time.

Caviar Recipes for Your Wedding

As small as these fish eggs are, they pack a major punch in most dishes. Imperia Caviar's quality, sustainable caviars add texture, flavor and elegance to these satisfying recipes.

The Knot's Charbroiled Oysters With Garlic Butter and Royal Ossetra

Indulge in this recipe from executive chef Holly Goetting, which combines Ossetra caviar with smooth garlic butter over fire-roasted oysters. Top it with chives to give it an extra bit of flavor, and settle in with a cocktail like an Old Fashioned.

Our Royal Ossetra Caviar offers a briny bite with a toasted finish. Its coloring ranges from black to dark grey with flecks of gold and jade, making it appear as sensational as its taste.

Classic Caviar Hors D'Oeuvres

When it comes to caviar pairings, simple staples can be as satisfying as high-class cuisine. If you are serving caviar at your wedding, make cocktail hour as unforgettable as your ceremony with hors d'oeuvres of crusty blinis topped with crème fraîche, chives, capers and buttery, amber Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar. This dish will deliver a bursting bite of flavor that perfectly complements champagne or sparkling cider.

A Wedding Caviar Station

Finally, instead of — or alongside — an open bar, how about an open caviar station? Both of our coveted caviar options are available in a party-sized tin featuring 1680g — enough to serve 50 people — of decadent flavor. Make it the centerpiece of an impressive charcuterie board or set it on ice at the end of a buffet row so guests can create their own pairings and experience caviar on anything they please.

Elevate Your Wedding With Caviar From Imperia Caviar

Shop Caviar to elevate your wedding

Serving caviar at your wedding does more than impress. It gives your guests a delicious snack or garnish that sets the mood for the evening and inspires yet another thing for you to remember about the best day of your life. Imperia Caivar is honored to be part of that experience through our trusted selection of world-class caviar.

Experience the pinnacle of taste, texture and aesthetics with our farm-fresh Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra. You can even pair it with a cut of our Grade-A5 Japanese Wagyu Steak to create the menu of the season.

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