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From Peasant Food to Luxury: Caviar's Rise to Fame

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From Peasant Food to Luxury: Caviar's Rise to Fame

What comes to mind when you think of caviar? For many, the dish manifests thoughts of luxury and exclusivity. The way people perceive caviar causes many to write it off as unobtainable before even looking into it. But the truth of caviar is that it has roots as a common person's delicacy, and it is trending in that direction once again. Learn about caviar's rise and its recent increase in availability to a wider portion of the market.

When Did Humans Start Eating Caviar?

Humans first began eating caviar thousands of years ago. Prior to harvesting caviar, fishermen in parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas caught an anadromous fish called the sturgeon. The sturgeon was a vital part of the human diet. By the fourth century B.C.E., the Greeks began harvesting sturgeon eggs for festivals. Meanwhile, Persians would harvest sturgeon roe from the riverbeds that flowed through their towns. It was the Persians who gave caviar its name, which translates from their word for egg — khavyar.

Was Caviar Always an Expensive Luxury Dish? 

Caviar was an affordable and accessible dish for a long time. For over a dozen centuries, many considered caviar peasant food, and it was widely available. Caviar was particularly prominent in Russia where Slavic fishermen would pull sturgeon from the Volga River. Families would use the entirety of the sturgeon, establishing roe as a staple of the poor man's diet across Russia. Early Russians harvested sturgeon eggs en masse for consumption and trade until the market shifted in the 12th century.

Eventually, the Caspian Sea, which was Russia's primary reservoir for sturgeon, began to run out of fish. International competition grew fierce, resulting in the once-common dish becoming a delicacy that only the rich could afford. Caviar's rarity and high production costs kept prices high for centuries. 

Caviar Today 

Today, governments and caviar producers go to great lengths to ensure caviar is more accessible and sustainable and that it remains so. Caviar is a viable food that can provide numerous benefits to the entire population when brought back to its humble roots. 

There are various health advantages that come with eating caviar due to its high quantities of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Many consumers report that caviar improves their mood and energy levels. 

Increasing access to caviar helps a greater portion of the population enjoy its health benefits and, of course, its robust flavors

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