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Seared A5 Wagyu With Wild Mushrooms and Fresh Wasabi

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As all great chefs will confirm, working with quality ingredients is truly the key to culinary excellence. When you have access to the best ingredients in the world, the flavors, textures, and natural characteristics of the food speak for themselves.

That’s exactly what we’re aiming for with this recipe for seared A5 Wagyu beef, wild mushrooms, and fresh wasabi.

Even if you don’t have James Beard-level skills in the kitchen, this recipe comes together so easily and naturally, with minimal prep and less than 20 minutes of active effort.

Better yet, the return on your investment here is outstanding. Expect a barrage of compliments from all directions if you serve this dish at your next dinner party or social gathering!

Without further delay, let’s jump right into this epic recipe and offer some tips on how to get the best ingredients available.

Ingredients List

The ingredients for this recipe aren’t your everyday “milk, bread, and eggs” on the average grocery list.

Make sure to gather:

  • 1 Piece A5 Wagyu Ribeye (trimmed of excess fat)
  • 4 Cups Assorted Wild Mushrooms (saffron milk caps, chanterelles, black trumpets, etc.)
  • 1 Clove Garlic (smashed)
  • 1 Tbsp Fresh Wasabi (grated)
  • Citrus Gem Greens and Flowers
  • Togarashi, to garnish
  • Salt, to taste

Let’s talk about why these ingredients matter and the best way to procure and store them in the days leading up to your main event.

Authentic A5 Wagyu Beef

The star of the show in this recipe is none other than top-quality Wagyu beef. The name alone should conjure up images of deep fat marbling in a tender steak, a unique feature of distinct breeds of livestock raised in the pastures of Japan.

Why is it important to find A5 Wagyu? The letter refers to the yield grade, while the number tells us the quality grade, which is comprised of several subcategories, including marbling, color, firmness, and quality of the fat.

It’s clear that Wagyu grading is taken very seriously, so it’s even more impressive that A5 is the highest possible achievement across all categories.

The beef marbling standard (BMS) needs to be seen to be believed. The rich flavor and texture of the meat can only be described as pure luxury.

In fact, this standard of Wagyu beef is of such exquisite quality that each bite is satiating and does not require large cuts to be filling.

That means you can serve up just a few ounces per person and not worry about portion sizes, especially if you have other delicacies and dishes to present throughout the evening.

To track down real A5 Wagyu, we suggest ordering from a reputable online retailer with plenty of trusted reviews and a proven track record.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in terms of the quality and quantity of the meat while avoiding issues with transportation, storage, or maintaining freshness.

Speaking of fresh, it’s always best to cook your Wagyu shortly after it arrives at your door. It helps to map out a game plan for ordering, storing, and serving Wagyu to maximize this recipe.

Assorted Wild Mushrooms

With the beef taken care of, what about the mushrooms?

Like other luxury ingredients such as Wagyu and caviar, the world’s most sought-after wild mushrooms are not always easy to find and may fetch steep prices of their own.

We’ve suggested three types of wild mushrooms to narrow down your search, but in truth, any wild mushrooms will do for this recipe. There are thousands to discover, and you may have unique regional varieties that are surprisingly tasty!

Chanterelles and black trumpets are somewhat common throughout North America, while saffron milk caps are native to Europe.

When it comes to mushrooms, a mix of several types is always best for a range of different flavors and textures to express themselves in this recipe, along with the beef and accouterments.

Wasabi, Herbs, and Extras

There’s no doubt you’ve already heard of wasabi, the super-spicy Japanese horseradish that grows along stream beds and mountain river valleys in Japan.

Genuine wasabi may be hard to come by, but totally worth the effort and price for that unmistakably fresh flavor.

You’ll also want to track down a type of granulated Japanese chili pepper known as Togarashi, which will add a bright red color and dash of extra heat to your dish when garnishing.

Finally, gem lettuce and flowers will help spruce up the visual appeal of your dish and make it truly memorable: don’t forget to snap a shot for social media.

Recipe Steps

With all your ingredients acquired, it’s time to dive into the recipe steps for this amazing dish.

Sear Wagyu Beef to Perfection

Start by trimming excess fat from your Wagyu ribeye and keeping it within arm’s reach. Do not throw away this fat! It will be used shortly.

From there, bring your pan to high heat and sear your Wagyu beef quickly and carefully. Cooking Wagyu beef is not like preparing your typical steak or other types of protein, so we recommend reading up on the technique before you put it into practice.

Remember that less is more when it comes to cooking Wagyu. It does not take long for the meat to develop a golden-brown crust and warm the interior fat to achieve the desired texture.

As soon as your Wagyu is cooked properly (about one minute on each side), remove it from the pan and set it aside to rest.

Garlic and Mushrooms

Reduce the heat of that same pan to medium-high, and place the trimmed fat alongside the smashed garlic clove. Swirl the fat and garlic to release aromas and remove the garlic once all the fat is melted.

Then, add the wild mushrooms to the mixture and sauté for about four to five minutes until golden and crispy. Then season with salt while killing the heat to the pan.

Plating and Garnishing

By now, your beef is fully rested with the juices locked in. Slice it into thin strips and place appropriate portions onto plates.

Then build small piles of mushrooms next to the beef on the plate and spoon any additional fat from the pan on top of the ingredients.

Finally, sprinkle togarashi on top of the beef, and garnish the mushrooms with citrus gem flowers and leaves. Fresh wasabi can also be grated over the top or served on the side.

Elevate the Experience

When putting together a dish like this one, you want to elevate every aspect of the dining experience for you and your guests.

Elegant Appetizers

With a dish like this, simple cheese and crackers are not a sufficient opening act.

Why not start the evening off by serving a beautiful caviar presentation and delighting guests with an array of unique flavors from the sea?

Caviar is among the most luxurious and tasty ingredients in the world. Luckily, now it can be ordered alongside Wagyu beef in an affordable, streamlined way.

Drinks, Desserts, and More

Dry white wine and ice-cold vodka are the best caviar pairings out there, but for Wagyu beef and mushrooms, you want a rich red wine to complement the bold umami flavors on the plate.

When it’s time for dessert, offer up something rich and chocolatey to put the final notes on this masterpiece of a meal.

Nothing Beats Authentic A5 Wagyu

Ready to try this recipe for yourself? Cooking is the easy part, so put most of your effort into finding the best quality Wagyu and mushrooms to make the most of this amazing dish.

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