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Providing a Delectable Delicacy With Sustainability

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Recently, we held a live webinar to discuss our passion project, Imperia Caviar. We’ve had a very exciting ride so far, and what’s coming next is even more thrilling for caviar connoisseurs everywhere. You can watch the full recording of our webinar here or continue reading to catch some of the key highlights we discussed. 

Imperia Caviar was founded in 2018 with a mission to transform the consumption of caviar from a once in a lifetime experience (for many) to an everyday enjoyable delight. The problem we saw is that the delectable delicacy is too expensive for many; even people who could afford it rarely did so aside from as a special treat. Additionally, the market is exploitative as well as inefficient. 

We want to grant everyone the opportunity to integrate the best quality caviar into their daily diets. Our company is transforming the caviar industry by making it affordable to more people by eliminating the traditional exploitative and unsustainable practices used by other companies. We use sustainable farming to make the best quality caviar accessible to a larger audience. 

At Imperia Caviar, we are changing the market by repositioning caviar with direct consumer sales channels - supported by strong digital marketing - along with our subscription model. Using a multi-brand strategy, we can work directly with major farms across the globe to optimize production and transportation. In doing so, we offer premium quality caviar priced four times lower than average market costs. 

Sustainably farmed caviar is something that sets us apart from the competition. Our marketing tactics also give us a unique opportunity to grow shares. The global demand for caviar is at an all time high, as consumers begin spending more for experiences. Imperia Caviar is primed to capitalize on these opportunities, in a global market expected to surpass $1.5B by 2024. 

Currently, the US caviar market is around 2 million consumers. With our strategies and business model, we expect to expand this delicacy to over 11 million people. Since the inception of Imperia Caviar, we have generated more than $16M in revenue from 30,000 customers - 30% have become repeat customers by joining our Caviar Club. 

Check out the full webinar for more information regarding consumer information, marketing stats, and our production methods. For even more information about us, read this article by Authority Magazine detailing what I wish I knew about caviar before founding Imperia Caviar - and how this helps us create a better quality product with sustainability. Remember to visit our raise page on StartEngine to learn more about early investment opportunities! 

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