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Oscietra vs. Ossetra Caviar — How to Spell It

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Oscietra vs. Ossetra Caviar — How to Spell It

As one of the most celebrated caviars in the world, Ossetra caviar is instantly recognizable to all connoisseurs. While caviar enthusiasts may recognize Ossetra when they hear it, its spelling can vary by region or caviar company. However, these many spelling variations all refer to an excellent caviar option that creates a rich and flavorful culinary experience.

What Is Ossetra Caviar?

What Is Ossetra Caviar?

Ossetra caviar is ideal for any palate and is available in several grades to complement dishes and tastes. Depending on the grade, Ossetra caviar can be a rich auburn to a deep jade color. The size of the beads can also vary depending on the company's grade language. For example, at Imperia Caviar, our grade language for Royal Ossetra is large beads.

This sea-worthy caviar is bright and firm-textured with salty and nutty undertones. Whether it's your first time trying caviar or part of your regular diet, each bite will remind you why Ossetra caviar is one of the most beloved varieties.

What Is the Correct Spelling?

Most caviar companies use the term Osetra when describing caviar from the Russian Sturgeon. Sometimes called the Diamond Sturgeon, Danube Sturgeon or the Osetra Sturgeon, this fish resides in the Black and Caspian seas and is often caught and harvested in Russia. Therefore, many believe the term Ossetra is from “осетр,” the Russian word for sturgeon. When comparing Ossetra vs. Oscietra vs. Osetra vs. Asetra vs. Osectra, remember these variations are all correct ways to refer to the roe from Russian sturgeon

While none of these spellings are incorrect, your location may be more accepting of certain spellings than others. Osetra and Ossetra are the two most popular spellings in English-speaking countries, whereas Osceitra, Oseitra and Asetra are common in Europe and Asia. Caviar companies can also choose which spelling suits their needs regardless of their region's preferred spelling. At Imperia Caviar, we prefer the Ossetra caviar spelling.

Whether you purchase a container of Asetra or Ossetra caviar, these different spellings all translate to sturgeon. 

Make Any Meal More Elegant With Imperia Caviar

Regardless of your preferred spelling, this award-winning caviar is sure to impress with lush flavors and a firm texture. At Imperia Caviar, we make it easy to enjoy a fresh tin of Ossetra caviar in the comfort of your home. After ordering online, we will overnight ship your caviar to your door to ensure it arrives at its peak of freshness. 

Shop our selection of caviar to taste the difference today!

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