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Finding A Natural Cure For Jet Lag And Hangovers With Caviar

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Veisalgia is the medical term for a hangover and it's absolutely on the nose. Its roots are Norwegian and Greek; "uneasiness following debauchery" (kveis) and "pain" (algia). We’ve all  been there: when we’re jet lagged, hungover or when your body feels shaky, exhausted and morale is low. Lucky for you, caviar contains some key components to help relax and revitalize the body. Plus it’s delicious so any excuse works!

Caviar is loaded with iron, and lack of iron causes fatigue. It’s one of the important components to keeping energy levels stable. Because your body feels energised in a natural and stable way, when you do go to sleep, it is more deep and comfortable as opposed to restless. Research shows that when iron levels drop, attentiveness and concentration is affected almost immediately. So after that long haul flight, stock up on caviar and iron before your next meeting!

Although science hasn’t quite made the connection between the effect of vitamin 12 and the mood - it seems it plays a vital role in absorbing serotonin and therefore regulates your sense of happiness. If you feel low and depressed in the middle of the day, a common symptom of jet lag and sleep deprivation - treat yourself to caviar. It will help! 

A lot of people drink magnesium before bed, so why not eat it in the form of caviar? Low magnesium levels are associated with poor regulation of your biological clock. So whether you had a late night or you’re about to board a long haul flight… magnesium will help your body restore. All of this will undoubtedly smoothen out all the stress and anxiety levels often associated with jet lag and particularly hangovers.

Caviar truly is the superfood of the sea - it’s small… but mighty. So have a scoop at the airport, on arrival at your hotel or on your scrambled eggs the next morning after a big night… it’s your trusted little cure.

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